Blendable Smoothies Using Home-Made Yogurt Or Fruit

Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Some are quick to warm up and taste wonderful but many of us long for something sweeter or perhaps more nutritious. How do you mix up the smoothie to make it both delicious and nutritious?

In most recipes, blueberries are blended up nicely, using a blender. Blending up the fruit in the blender creates a smooth texture and prevents it from going creamy when frozen. If you blend your berries before freezing, you may find that the fresh flavor is lost.

If you are blending blueberries, keep the cup in the freezer before you begin. Your first batch may not be as thick and creamy as you would like, so you will need to move the blender off the frozen fruit into a bowl and add more frozen fruit until you get the thickness you want.

Bananas also take a bit of time to blanch in a blender. Generally, two ripe bananas, or a half pound can of frozen bananas, are blended in with a half cup of milk. Depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be, you may need to add more milk. Before blending, sprinkle the bananas over a piece of cheesecloth and allow them to drain off excess water.

If you have enough fruit, blending the fruit may take less time than blending it with the milk. The frozen banana will add thickness to the mixture and cut down on the amount of food you have to strain from the yogurt. A layer of frozen banana should fill in between the yogurt and ice and leave enough room for the yogurt to fill in.

You can add the berries before blending the yogurt, or you can add them while the smoothie is frozen. When blending the fruits, you can add them about two minutes before the yogurt is ready. This will keep the fruit from melting and help it blend into the final dish.

For example, if you are making a strawberry yogurt, you might add some fruit to the blender before blending the yogurt. Be sure to add enough to make the yogurt thick enough to mix into the smoothie with ease.

Blending the bananas with the milk will also work well with fruit and milk. Freeze the milk until it is cold. Add the berries and then combine it all into the smoothie.

To thin out the smoothie even more, remove the yogurt from the freezer about three minutes before you begin. Then, pour the yogurt into the blender and blend. One of the most popular varieties of yogurt that is both delicious and nutritious is cultured yogurt.

Cultured yogurt is made by introducing a culture of live cultures into yogurt. The yeast life forms will naturally grow and multiply throughout the process. The end result is a thicker, richer yogurt that tastes great and has more nutritional value than traditional yogurt.

So, if you are looking for a new twist on your favorite smoothie recipes, add some greens to the blender and make a green smoothie. Also, try to mix in some frozen banana along with frozen mango to make a creamy mango smoothie. The possibilities are endless!